Spring is often the time when we contemplate new beginnings, including moving home and starting a new chapter in our lives.

To capitalise on the uplift of interest this time of year brings it’s best to prepare in advance. It’s important to remember first impressions really do matter. To maximise your curb appeal we suggest the following simple tips:

For Houses:

  • Have your windows cleaned (inside & out) and make sure the paintwork looks in good condition. Front doors are particularly important, so if the door does not need repainting at least wash it down to remove dirt.
  • Where possible move rubbish and recycling bins out of sight. Sweep the approach and invest in some greenery by the front door i.e some suitably scaled tubs (remember to water them though!)
  • Inside the property key words to remember are clean and tidy. Potential buyers use all their senses when they choose a property including smell - make sure your home smells clean as well as looks clean.
  • Kitchens; clean and declutter - It’s important to have clear and clean surfaces and don't forget to empty and sanitise bins before a viewing.
  • Bathrooms and cloakrooms. Make sure they are really clean for viewings. One thing to consider is replacing mouldy sealant and deteriorated grout. This is not expensive but can give a much fresher look. Find good storage solutions for toiletries. Invest in some new towels.
  • Bedrooms. Declutter and put away any laundry, also make sure that bed linen looks fresh.

Remember potential viewers are trying to imagine themselves in a property - it needs to be enticing and offer them opportunities. Don’t leave the decluttering until moving day. Start thinking about it and act on it as soon as you decide to move. It will pay dividends!

For Flats:

In addition to the advice above a flat can be let down by accessing via tired and untidy communal areas.

  • Make it your mission to tidy up the junk mail/recycling bins.
  • Sweep the approach to the building and clean the front door.
  • If there is detritus left in communal areas or bikes it would be worth your time to check with your management company. They may need to act if items constitute a fire risk.
  • You have a vested interest in selling your property so ask a friend for their objective view - what is their first impression?
  • If there isn’t a regular cleaner employed take the initiative to vacuum the communal areas.

If you have any other questions about getting your home ready to sell, please don’t hesitate to ask our team and we would be happy to help and advise you.